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Safe Place

Guided Prayer

Create, oh Lord, a stillness within me.

Father, calm my senses

Remove the shell enclosing my shoulders

Open the space inside my chest.

Fill my lungs with a full, deep breath

From your lips to mine

Widen the constricted places

Remind me, Father, of the palace you are creating within me

Like C.S. Lewis once wrote,

“You thought you were being made

into a decent little cottage:

but He is building a palace.

He intends to come and live in it


This place of freedom You’re building

Is ours to share, together

So Lord, let us mend the tables

Let us uproot the weeds and open the gates

Sit with me, Oh Lord, in this open space

Recline with me at the table

Dine with me in the garden

Here, in your love , I flourish

Your love comforts & nourishes me

Your spirit is my palace

You are my safe place

When my soul searches for rest

Pick me up, Father, hold me like a child

Alive and breathing fully, lead me to recline

Draw my face to yours and breathe life into my lungs

Your tender love allows me to release all anxiety

You are my safe place, Lord.

Blessed are you, Father, who sees me and knows me

Who holds me when I am weak

Holding hands with my father, I have no need to fear

The reassuring sensation of your hand in mine

Gives me the courage I need to move forward

When I’d rather slink back from the challenge

You give me the courage to wake up, put my house in order, and live fully alive

Open my ears to hear the truth

Flush out the lies that shut me down

So that I may discern Your voice

I am seen, I am loved, I am safe, I am free, I am whole

I am everything I need to be

I am your child and I am assured in your love

You, loving Father, keep me, provide for me, and have my best interest at heart

Even when my emotions tell me otherwise

When I am overcome by fear and doubt sets in

When this anxiety lingers still

When this world is shaken and calamity crashes on the shore

I will remind my heart of these great things

Of your steadfast love and all that it means

Glory be unto you, my God, and my father

Glory in these healing waters

Glory in these still small places

Glory be unto you always, Lord.


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Rae Ann

Rae Ann