Our goal is simply to deliver a daily devotional in whatever format will best help you, and others like you, get quality time alone with God every day. Below you’ll find several different ways you can access the devotional content. Thanks to the support of our generous donors, all of these options are completely free for you to use!


Start your morning with an email delivered from First15 and allow God to guide your entire day!


Listen on your commute to work, while you brew your coffee, or whatever fits your day best! Meet up with your small group or Bible study and listen together!

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Dive deeper into your relationship with God through the First15 Youtube Channel!  Watch teaching videos, interviews, live original worship, and more! There’s a new episode every Wednesday!

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The Mobile App

Our mobile app is available on Android and Apple so you can use on your favorite device! You can even set a push notification at your preferred time to remind you to read your daily devotional.