28 Day Catalyst

When You Want to Start the Day Strong

Book by Craig Denison


28 Day Catalyst

Craig’s life changed when God gave him a catalyst that started him on a journey of learning to spend time alone with the Father. This book focuses on the principles that Craig learned through his journey with God:

  • Our nature as His children made to be in his presence
  • Hearing God’s voice in the quiet place
  • Your value and identity as a child of God, not from the world
  • Letting the love of God fill you, rather than seeking the love of others

It’s our hope that wherever you are on your journey, this book helps you discover new depths of conscious communion with a God who loves you more than you could ever know. You were made to spend time alone with God. We believe that God has amazing things in store for you as you make space to meet with him.

May your heart come alive as you seek him who loved you first.


Finding Rest in a Stressed-Out World

Booklet by Craig Denison


Peace Booklet

Craig Denison, author of the First15 devotional, shares about his own battle with stress in his booklet Peace: Finding Rest in a Stressed-Out World.

You’ll find that…

  • De-stressing is not a suggestion, but something that God commands.
  • It matters how you’re doing, not what you’re doing.
  • Prayer is the first step on the path to peace.

Request your copy of Peace: Finding Rest in a Stressed-Out World when you give today to help others know and experience God through First15.

May it help you break free from society’s expectations – and give you new courage to walk the path to real inner peace.

Getting the Most Out of Your Time Alone With God

Booklet by Craig Denison


Getting The Most Out of Your Time Alone With God

Many people wonder how they can get the most out of their personal time with God. We all have a deep need to know and be fully known by our Creator.

That’s why Craig wrote his booklet, Getting the Most Out of Your Time Alone With God. The resource offers key principles to help you spend consistent, meaningful time in the presence of our Father each day, including:

  • Understanding why time alone with God matters for you
  • Spending time with alone with God every day
  • Establishing a rhythm of worshiping, reading and praying
  • Spending time with God through community

We believe this book will help to empower you to spend consistent, meaningful time in the presence of your Creator. May your heart be stirred to meet with your heavenly Father as you get a glimpse into the wonderful, life-giving gifts that await you.