First15 in Print: Love

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Reimagine what love looks like

Within this 4-week journey, you will:

  • Learn how to stand firm on God’s love in every circumstance.
  • Receive lasting comfort in the goodness of God’s immense love for you.
  • Find ways to love others out of the overflow of God’s love for you, even from a distance.
  • Watch your faith come alive as you love God in word and deed.


If you are longing to experience God’s love in a deeper way, request your copy of Love today.

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Jesus summed up our purpose with two statements: love God and love people. Love is at the center of our Christian faith, but in this season of COVID-19, it can be more difficult than ever to experience it, much less live it out.

This is why we are launching volume 5 of our First15 Devotional Series, Love.


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