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God wants us to experience the lasting joy and hope that comes from him.

But our world is filled with distractions, responsibilities, and stress. That’s why it’s so important to start our day in his life-giving presence!

With your gift, we will send you a copy of Catalyst, a 28-day devotional book to help answer your questions about prayer and personal time with God. And when you give, your gift will help more people in our anxious world experience God and his life-changing peace.

Request your copy when you give below, and leave a comment if you would like additional copies—and thank you for helping more people experience God in a fresh new way!

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When You Want to Start the Day Strong

Craig’s life changed when God gave him a catalyst that started him on a journey of learning to spend time alone with the Father. This book focuses on the principles that Craig learned through his journey with God:

  • Our nature as His children made to be in his presence
  • Hearing God’s voice in the quiet place
  • Your value and identity as a child of God, not from the world
  • Letting the love of God fill you, rather than seeking the love of others

It’s our hope that wherever you are on your journey, this book helps you discover new depths of conscious communion with a God who loves you more than you could ever know. You were made to spend time alone with God. We believe that God has amazing things in store for you as you make space to meet with him.

May your heart come alive as you seek him who loved you first.


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