Start where you are with Rashawn Copeland

This month in our First15 Conversations series, we’re talking about mental and spiritual wellness. So today we’re hanging out with author and podcast host, Rashawn Copeland. 

Following a childhood that included the tragedy of gun violence, as well as the opportunity to play college football, Rashawn found himself in Los Angeles, California living the Hollywood dream of money, romantic relationships and a flashy lifestyle others envied. Despite all that, he was miserable. One day, he found himself sitting in a room holding a gun to his mouth wishing he could escape the unhappiness he had felt for several years. It was through a God-ordained experience via social media, Rashawn decided his life wasn’t worth ending and the next phase of his life—of turning it all over to God—began.

I hope that Rashawn’s story is a reminder for all of us today that regardless of how bad things may seem, there is still hope when we come before God just as we are. 

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