Losing and finding your faith with Christine Caine

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In today’s First15 Conversations Podcast, you’re in for an absolute treat. Josh is joined by my amazing wife, Rachel, who happened to kick me out of the conversation for the chance to chat with international speaker, author, and activist, Christine Caine.

Christine recently released her latest book titled, “How did I get here?: Finding your way back to God when everything is pulling you away.” Their conversation is real and vulnerable, and is sure to meet you wherever you’re at today with God.

In this newest episode we cover specific topics like…

  • How to identify if something is “off” in your faith journey
  • How to shift from a “what-if” perspective to an “even-if” faith
  • Grappling with the feeling of losing your faith and questioning God
  • How to grow in patience in your journey with God
  • Pressing into the process of spiritual growth in the midst of emotional devastation

We hope this conversation with Christine is meaningful for you today. It definitely was for our team. If you are wrestling with your faith and having questions and doubts, even feeling apathetic, know you’re not alone. Even Christine Caine has been in that place, not to mention all of us! Know that here at First15 we want to be a safe space for you to process your doubts and questions, and always be met by grace.

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