Living Intentionally Series: Health

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When you think about health, what comes to mind?

This past year, we’ve certainly seen how important our physical health is to our overall well-being, but we’ve also seen how our mental and emotional health are vulnerable to the challenging circumstances we’ve all faced. The truth is, the full picture of our health includes all three of these areas in something we call holistic health.

On today’s First15 Podcast Conversation, we’re continuing our series on living intentionally by looking at how to become holistically healthy. We explore the challenges, the victories, and how each one of our journeys looks differently.

So if you’re wanting to become healthier this year, you’re not alone! 

Join us as we cover topics like…

-Why you can’t separate physical, mental, and emotional health

-How comparison can derail your journey towards health

-Why vulnerability matters

-How to create personal rhythms to foster holistic health

Our heart at First15 is to see you become healthy in every area of your life, and so we hope that this conversation can encourage you in your journey!

The First15 Devotional Podcast

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 written and read by Craig Denison. Each day, the devotional features scripture, a devotional thought, guided prayer, and action steps. The music was written and produced by Craig Denison.

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