Hanging out with Kari Jobe

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Today on the First15 Podcast, we’re thrilled to be hanging out with songwriter and worship leader Kari Jobe! Kari and her husband Cody Carnes have been consistently creating songs that I’ve found deeply moving in my personal times of worship this year, and her latest album is filled with much-needed-hope in this stressful season. 

Kari joins Josh and me to talk about the unique process of creating her new album in an unusual year and to share a bit of her heart for connecting with God in a deep and personal way.

We cover topics like…

  • Trusting God when things don’t make sense
  • What worship is really all about
  • How to connect with God outside of a weekend service
  • Why time with God is like chocolate cake? Yes, really…

This was such a fun and encouraging conversation! Don’t miss it!

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