Escaping the noise of 2020 with Mack Brock

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Today on the First15 Podcast, we’re thrilled to be hanging out with one of my favorite worship leaders, Mack Brock! Mack has a passion for helping others connect with God, and is hanging out with Josh and me to talk about how we can get away from the noise and stress of this year and instead rest in the security of God’s love for us.

Almost everything has had to adjust this year due to the pandemic, even the way we spend time in worship looks a bit different. Mack offers some really amazing insight on how God wants to expand our view of worship throughout this season. 

I loved Mack’s thoughts specifically about how we can approach God.

“There’s nothing you need to do, there’s nothing you need to bring, you don’t have to fix yourself.”

We also cover topics like….

  • God’s invitation to come just as we are
  • Why it’s so challenging to believe that God truly loves us
  • The power of music in stirring up memories
  • Mack’s family journey to becoming foster parents


You don’t want to miss this last podcast conversation of 2020! 

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