A conversation on racism with Jemar Tisby

This is not a comfortable conversation. It is, however, an important one.

Today we’re taking a break from our focus on mental/emotional wellness to have an incredibly honest conversation with Jemar Tisby, the author of the book The Color of Compromise. We’re diving back into the subject of racism, hoping to better understand its history, its current affect on our world, and how we can be a part of the solution.  

We discuss things like…

-Is racism actually a systemic issue?

-What is the church’s involvement in the history of racism?

-Is supporting “Black Lives Matter” supporting an anti-Christian organization?

-Practical steps we all can take toward racial reconciliation

Here at First15, we believe that God is for racial reconciliation, but we also know that it will take a continued willingness to have uncomfortable, yet grace-filled conversations if we’re going to see true change. We hope that this can be one of those conversations.

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