A First15 Conversation with Hope Darst

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What started as a simple statement turned into a powerful story of God’s faithfulness. 

You may have heard the incredible song, Peace Be Still, which has been making its way across radio stations and into churches all over the country. It’s a simple declaration that so many of us can relate to during this year of relentless challenges. 

We are all looking for peace. 

Today in the First15 Podcast we’re hanging out with Hope Darst, the author of Peace Be Still. In a continuation of our series on wellness, Hope opens up about her search for peace in the midst of anxiety, broken dreams, and an uncertain future. 

Are you struggling to find peace today?

Do you feel broken?

Are you feeling like you should be further along spiritually?

Do you wish you could just start over?

Today’s First15 Conversation is for you. 

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