What is First15?

First15 is a daily devotional created to guide believers into the presence of God in the first 15 minutes of their day.

  • Purpose – The key to living an abundant life is encountering the presence of God every morning. In centering our lives around God’s presence we’re equipped to live out our identity, discover our unique calling, and love others well.
  • Content – Every First15 has the same format: Vision, Scripture, Worship, Devotional, Guided Prayer, and an exhortation to take action.
  • Ways to Engage – First15 is available entirely free in our mobile app, by email subscription or on our website.

Most believers I’ve met value time alone with God. We believe it’s important. But often we simply lack resources that equip us to have meaningful experiences with God. There’s so much in life that demands that our attention that without something consistently available and truly impactful we’ll forgo our time alone with God. We created First15 to guide believers into a lifestyle of spending time alone with God by offering something consistent and meaningful in a format that can be done in 15 minutes.


How can First15 help you?

  • Offers a free devotional to your constituents
  • Provides Getting the Most Out of Your Time Alone with God, a co-branded PDF created uniquely for our partners
  • Speaking at services, chapels and events
  • Sharing your content and posts on our social media channels


How can you partner with First15?

  • Social Media
  • Emails
    • Share First15 with your email subscribers
  • Websites and Apps
    • Include First15 in the resources section of your website
    • Include First15 in your app
  • At Your Church or Organization
    • Share First15 with your congregation
    • Read First15 together in your small groups
    • Share First15 in your announcement slides
    • Invite Craig and Rachel to speak and/or lead worship


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