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February 1

Blooms in the Desert

I don’t think I’ve fully felt like myself in over a year. It’s hard to even know where to begin. Some seasons are so clearly beautiful and life-giving, but there are some seasons in life that can also look like a desert – less beautiful at first glance. I recently came back from a trip…

August 16

Q&A with First15

Craig Denison, author of First15, answers a few of your questions about how First15 began, the writing process, and where First15 is headed.

May 26

Find Your Sweet Spot

We all have a need to be filled up. We need fuel to make it through almost any day this side of heaven. We can choose to fill ourselves up with a myriad of things! (Lord knows the world is an endless buffet of junk to take in.) Each of us are so different and unique, and we are all fulfilled by different things.

May 10

“Let them come.”

God is so gracious. He is not afraid of our messes, and we don't have to clean them up before we run to him. May we be reminded this week that God meets us where we're at and embraces us fully. 

May 1

“Reach for me.”

I don’t know when it happened. Perhaps facing life’s difficulties and various tragedies does it to you? Maybe being pushed to your pain limit for days on end is the cause? But somewhere along the way I became hard. I became fiercely independent in my pain and discontent.