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August 16

Q&A with First15

Craig Denison, author of First15, answers a few of your questions about how First15 began, the writing process, and where First15 is headed.

May 26

Find Your Sweet Spot

We all have a need to be filled up. We need fuel to make it through almost any day this side of heaven. We can choose to fill ourselves up with a myriad of things! (Lord knows the world is an endless buffet of junk to take in.) Each of us are so different and unique, and we are all fulfilled by different things.

May 10

“Let them come.”

God is so gracious. He is not afraid of our messes, and we don't have to clean them up before we run to him. May we be reminded this week that God meets us where we're at and embraces us fully. 

May 1

“Reach for me.”

I don’t know when it happened. Perhaps facing life’s difficulties and various tragedies does it to you? Maybe being pushed to your pain limit for days on end is the cause? But somewhere along the way I became hard. I became fiercely independent in my pain and discontent.

April 11

Embrace the Cross

Last Sunday I went to the most beautiful Palm Sunday service I’ve ever attended. Its impact is certainly sticking with me this week. I was caught off guard by a particular moment in the service during a call and response reading of The Passion according to Matthew. They had various members play characters in the story like Jesus, Peter, Judas, the High Priest, Pilate, etc. Once we had gotten to the part of the story where the people choose to release Barabbas instead of Jesus I was stunned by shouts around me saying, “Let him be crucified!”

February 20

My Serious Problem

I have a serious problem. It goes something like this. I walk into a coffee shop, a really cool coffee shop mind you, and I can feel the eyes of the man-bun wearing, beanie adorning cool kids bearing down on me. I order my coffee and muffin, and they see me carefully gliding to a chair trying not to spill my Guatemalan gold.