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February 20

Fight for Your Heart

The heart is a funny thing. I’m not referring the vital organ in your chest, but the place within you with which comes passion, fear, love, devotion and excitement. That place. The place that is stirred in the presence of God and melts at the experience of his love for us.

God has given us the ability to shut that place off, or keep it open. Most of us move back and forth between the two without realizing it. Usually we close up our hearts as a form of self-perseverance; sometimes we close off because of fear or due to the illusion of control. Sometimes we’re just broken or flat or dry. All of those things are okay, but they aren’t best. They’re not our inheritance.

February 3


My entire life I’ve loved music as a form of expression. It’s always been an easy, natural way for me to express my heart. When I started following Jesus, I attended a church where “worship” was the first forty-five minutes before announcements and the sermon. We sang theologically sound songs and danced around. I went into college having this same mindset about “worship.” I was under the misunderstanding that worship was music. It was the songs we sang. Boy, was I mistaken.

January 6


How many times have I made promises and sacrifices to God in order to “fix myself” so God wouldn't be mad at me? How many times have I fallen into this “sacrificial” worship of attempting to do good deeds in my own strength in order to make myself right with God? I have done this plenty of times. God says in this passage that the sacrificial works based religion I attempt to create will never take away my sins. And he's right, this type of “service” unto God only seems to remind me of how guilty I feel. Without the sacrifice of Christ, I am one guilty mess. But thankfully it doesn't end there.

December 23

Releasing Joy!

The people of God are made to celebrate and rejoice in all that Jesus has done. Joy was released over us as we recounted the endless goodness of Jesus toward us who believe. This is an especially important time to recount and remember the goodness of God toward us in all circumstances. Rejoicing in God has the power to bring us breakthrough in the driest of seasons. Many of us will find ourselves tired and burnt out at the end of the year. Many of us could us a dose of the refreshing joy of heaven. And that is exactly what God has in store.