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Why Weekday Worship?

You can connect with God through worship, and see that connection carry you through the inevitable ups and downs of your day.

I don’t know of a spiritual practice more fruitful in taking my relationship with God from my head to my heart than worship.

Music is a language of the heart more than the tongue. It’s this gift of communication where our souls can hear and respond to the truth of God and of our human experience. And in a post-enlightenment expression of Christianity in the West, where we overvalue our intellect and undervalue the design of God for our intuition and embodiment of the faith to hear God’s truth, we’re in need of a revival of worship not just as a corporate act, but even more so as a practice done in private.

So much of our collective energy towards worship is spent on the weekend. Huge budgets, masterful songs, talented musicians, charismatic leaders – our Sunday expressions of worship when done authentically can be an incredibly catalytic experience with God.

But what about Monday?

How do we worship when the glamour of Sunday wears off, and real life comes our way? How do we facilitate a meaningful connection with God, his Spirit to ours, so we can face the chaos and bustle of family, work, and life?

At First15 we already resource more than 1.7 million believers around the world, guiding God’s people into a meaningful time of worship, reading, and prayer every day. And so far, we’ve scoured our collective Christian songbook for worship that would resonate with the setting in which our readers and listeners find themselves, a (sometimes) quiet nook with a cup of coffee and journal.

But now, with our first release The Invitation, we’ve created worship written, performed, and produced specifically for the weekday. These songs were created to guide you, specifically you, into a tangible and transformative experience with your Creator. 

Meaningful worship can be a daily part of our experience of life and faith, not in the manner of obligation, but rather of invitation. You can remind yourself of and experience the reality of God’s goodness, character, power, and presence in the very first moments of each morning. You can connect with God through worship, and see that connection carry you through the inevitable ups and downs of your day.

Through First15 Worship, we’re here to help you connect with God with worship for your weekday.

If you haven’t already, check out our new EP, The Invitation. I hope and pray that in just five minutes you can feel closer and more connected to God, and that your connection with your Creator and Sustainer is the current that carries you in his path through any and everything that comes your way today. 

Craig Denison

Craig Denison

First15 Founder