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Of Repentance


If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. - 1 John 1:9


For the times when I’ve judged the stranger rather than loving them, forgive me Lord.

For letting scarcity be my driving force rather than your abundance, forgive me Lord.

For believing shame’s lies rather than receiving your merciful truth, forgive me Lord.

For the moments when I’ve lost sight of how to abide in you, forgive me Lord.

For the days when I let the microphone of the world become louder than the microphone of your word, forgive me Lord.

For those who are stranger’s & enemies to us, Lord grant us the grace to be merciful & kind.

For the moments when we truly feel like we don’t have enough, Lord grant us the eyes to see where there is plenty.

For the moments when we wound our own hearts with the same judgements that we judge others with, God, grant us the remembrance of Your kind open arms that are always ready for us to run home to.

For the tangled web of lies we weave in our own fragile minds simply by believing that what shame says about us is what is ultimately true, would you sit with us and help us untangle the knots, Jesus?

For the frantic to & fro that I bring on myself simply because I have forgotten how to abide in you, would you help me still my soul so that I can recognize your generous invitation?

And for the days when I can’t seem to tune my spiritual radio to the right station, would you send your Holy Spirit to remind me that there’s a better way?

Thank you for being our Better Way, Jesus.

We love you.


Ryn Tomlinson

Ryn Tomlinson

First15 Brand Manager