Jesus loved to use stories to illustrate profound, life-transforming concepts. He loved to use real and genuine settings, characters, and ideas that apply to all of us to reveal God’s heart of pursuit and love. This week we’re going to spend time allowing the parables of Jesus to speak directly to our situations, mindsets, and core beliefs about who God is. Open your heart and mind to be transformed by the powerful and captivating stories of Jesus.

The Desires of Every Heart

All of us have insatiable desires that can only be satisfied in communion with our heavenly Father. The desire to be delighted in, for wonder, to behold beauty, and to be someone great are driving forces within each of us. The desire to be fully know and fully loved, to be passionate, and to live a life of significance resound within each of us at the foundation of who we are. God created these desires knowing that they can only be fully satisfied in him—that they would be avenues to deeper relationship with him. As we look at each of these desires individually, I pray your heart would find its fulfillment in the loving nearness of your heavenly Father.

The main concept for this week is derived from The Seven Longings of the Human Heart by Mike Bickle and Deborah Hiebert.

Tilling the Soil of your Heart

This week we’ll look at a vital spiritual practice to all those seeking to grow in God: tilling the soil of the heart. Jesus spoke in Matthew 13 of two different types of soil—hard and soft. God longs for us to till the soil of our hearts that we might be receptive to the seed of his word and bear fruit. May your heart become more responsive to the presence, will, and love of God this week as you cultivate good soil with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Vision and Boundaries

We serve a God of boundaries. In his limitless capacity, endless creativity, and boundless existence he still chose to create boundaries. He still had vision for what was good, right, pleasing, and perfect. And as children made in his image, we are to live, think, and create as he does. In a world marked by busyness from seemingly infinite opportunities, it’s important now more than ever for us to create boundaries. May you find freedom and joy this week as you receive vision and set boundaries under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.