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Developing a healthy relationship with God comes when you experience Him daily.

First15 is a daily devotional that seeks to provide believers of all backgrounds with a unique connection with God in the first 15 minutes of their day.

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Start your day with God

First15 was made to help you –

Take time to reflect the Scripture for the day that your time would be rooted in God’s word.
Engage in worship that you might enter the courts of your Father with praise and rest in his presence.
Be filled with the courage to abide with God throughout your day and advance his Kingdom with a concluding thought.
Our Story

Guiding believers into God's presence

First15 began in 2014, out of a desire to guide believers of all backgrounds into a daily experience with God’s presence. God desires for his people to be about relationship – real, restored relationship with him – that above all else, he simply wanted the hearts of his people. First15 helps people spend the first fifteen minutes of their day focusing on nothing else but growing in their relationship with God. We believe that if we as a people would worship, read, and pray at the beginning of every day, everything could change for the better.

Statement of Faith

One of the earliest declarations of faith in Christian history is the “Apostle’s Creed.” Forms of it are used today by Catholics, Anglicans, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Methodists, and many non-denominational churches. Its name comes from the early tradition that each of the twelve apostles dictated part of it after Pentecost. As a result, the statement is traditionally divided into twelve articles. Our ministry affirms each assertion which can be viewed by clicking the button below.

More than a devotional

How we're different

A growing relationship with God comes when you experience Him daily. Christians know the importance of a daily quiet time consisting of Bible reading and prayer, yet many struggle with finding a devotional resource that is both easy to understand and relatable to daily life. We write new devotionals each day consisting of Scripture, reflection, prayer, musical worship, and a call to action. Thousands of readers each month use our content to discover God in a deeper way, and it’s changed their lives.

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First15 is a brand of Denison Ministries, a multi-brand organization dedicated to building culture-changing Christians.

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Developing a healthy relationship with God comes when you experience Him daily.