Written by Rachel Denison

You know, things have been down right crazy for us lately. The holidays have swung in with no less than a million things to do, events to attend, events to host, lists to make and heaters to fix. I think back on October when I said to myself, if I can just make it to December, we’ll be good. We will have less to do, and it will really be nice. We have so little planned.

Well, December is here folks. And there is no more margin in our lives than there was in October. You know why? We did not set up the necessary boundaries for rest. Any space we once thought was free in October or November is now full. How does this seem to happen time and time again? I hope I’m not the only one this happens to.

With how often this keeps happening to us, I feel like I have no backbone! Always what seems like a small commitment is more, and I have found that our expectations on life and ourselves are simply unrealistic. People will never know your boundaries until you make them known. And I don’t think it’s even fair to expect people to expect less of you. Only you can know what works for your life. It is YOUR life after all. And God is going to speak to YOU first and foremost about it. (Don’t get me wrong, I believe other people’s counsel is always helpful, but in the end it is your own call to make.) Now that I’m done preaching to myself, I’ll move on…

I want this Advent season to be different, not only for Craig and myself, but for all of us. I’m challenging myself to make room for God to speak, to heal, to draw me. I need more quiet moments in my life to sit with my coffee each day and think, pray and process. The year is coming to a close. What lessons is God wanting to teach each of us from this year? What truths is he wanting to sum up from everything that has happened? How does he want to show us all that 2015 was intended for? Not only that, but how does he want to remind us of his great love, his constant presence, himself– Emmanuel?

Will you join me in taking several moments this December? As much as we look to others and their needs this month, can we take a few for ourselves? Can we let God care for our souls? In the midst of the millions of things, what can we cut back? What boundaries can we set around keeping this time of year sacred, around making time for the lover of our souls?

This season truly means nothing if Jesus is not smack dab in the center of it. All the events, shopping, church services, etc. mean absolutely nothing if we don’t draw near and let him draw near in return. I’m feeling the pull of God. I am feeling it more than ever. And I know he has something so sweet and special for each of us this Advent if we’ll simply make a commitment to draw near.

Here is link to a recent First15 that Craig wrote that has been rocking my soul.


Things really are more simple than we make them. I just need to be reminded of that about a hundred times a day. I am praying for us all that God shows us and awes us in amazing ways this December as we let him in.