For Your Glory (Live) // First15 Worship

An original worship song for First15, a free daily devotional guiding tens of thousands of believers into a fresh experience with God every day. Go to to sign up and get free daily devotionals in your inbox every morning. Written by Craig and Rachel Denison. Engineered and Mixed by Blake Hoffman.

“For Your Glory” began from a desire to ask God to use me in a more peaceful, joyful way. I’ve found that oftentimes the songs written with the focus of asking God to move are heavier, and more intense. But as I’ve grown in my pursuit of joining God where he’s at work, I’m finding his movement in my life to be a more natural, and joyful occurrence. And I simply wanted a song I could sing that matched the way my desire to co-labor with God felt as his Spirit moves in and through me.

One of my favorite pieces of the song is verse 2:

May your grace rain down like water
May my hands be filled with might
May the world see of your glory
May our love bring a new song

My ultimate desire in God using me is that my work would birth life-songs in others – that we as a people would learn to live a lifestyle of worship exhibiting the incredible relationship available to us in our real, present, and loving God. True, authentic worship is nothing more than singing the truth of our lived experience in communion with God and his people.

This song has also freed me in my worship and prayer from the feeling that I have to beg God to move, or beg God to use me. The reality is that God is already working in every moment, and in every possible way. He wants to use us in the work of restoration and love more than we want to be used. His love for us and others is far greater than we could ever comprehend.

If you have a few moments, I want to encourage you to stop and listen to For Your Glory.” And I pray that as you listen, this song would encourage and equip you to open your heart and hands to the ever-moving Spirit of God. And I pray that it helps open your eyes to see the amazing ways God is already at work in and through you. You are a powerful, ever-growing reflection of the Godhead who works and loves perfectly. As you create space every day to meet with God, your thoughts, actions, and emotions will become more like his. May the reality of his love working in you fill you with vision and purpose.