New (Live) // First15 Worship

A new original worship song for First15, a free daily devotional guiding tens of thousands of believers into a fresh experience with God every day. Go to to get daily devotionals in your inbox first thing every morning. Written by Craig and Rachel Denison. Engineered and Mixed by Blake Hoffman.

“New” began really as a song of declaration and confession for me personally. I needed something calm and life-giving to worship in response to the continual forgiveness I’d been receiving. I wanted a song that could lift me off of my knees, that would join God as he continues to pick me up from the place of confession and restore to me the joy of my salvation. I wanted a song that would celebrate the newness of life I have in God every moment.

Oh your love
Overwhelms and satisfies
The deepest places of me.
And I’m made free
Every moment you surround me
Your grace washes me clean.

I still find myself singing this chorus as I’m walking around my house. It seems to draw me close to the heart of God in a way that refreshes and sustains me. Like a swift river it pulls me in to the flow of God’s presence, and helps me live out of the union I already have with God in his grace. And it reminds me that no matter what I’ve done, no matter the distance I feel like I’ve created between me and God, that he is closer than my breath, nearer to me than the skin on my bones. The Spirit is with me, and in me. That the closeness I so desperately long for with God has already been restored through God’s forgiveness.

I pray that this song ministers to you the way it has for me. May God draw you close and pour his presence on even the driest places in your heart as you engage in worship. May he make you new, filling you up with freedom and life. And may you experience the joy of forgiveness that comes whenever you tear down your walls and allow God to fully know you, and fully love you.