With words that echo through crisis and calm, Augustine prayed: 

“Grant Lord, that I may know myself, that I may know thee…”

In the throws of COVID-19, there is at least one opportunity in front of us to seize, and that is the opportunity for a greater knowing of ourselves, that we might find a greater knowing of God. 

And the deepest ways of knowing him is, for better or worse, is aligned with the paths of knowing ourselves. For it is in ourselves that God meets us. It is in ourselves that God reveals his character, his affection, his reality, and his power. It is through our being, our intellect, our emotions, our intuition, our experiences with our communities and with teaching, that we come to know God.  

So in the midst of COVID-19, would we seek a deeper knowledge of ourselves? As we cease our ability to travel, to gather, to busy ourselves, would we take that space and pursue greater awareness of ourselves and of God?

May this prayer serve as a guide for you today, to foster a moment of meaningful connection with yourself, and with God. 

Father, right now

With ample opportunity to busy myself

I choose to follow in the footsteps

Of the Psalmist. 

I will be still

And know that you are God

That you will be exalted among the nations

You will be exalted in the earth. 

With courage I hold my fear before you

With love I hold my friends, my family before you

With a mustard seed of faith I hold this world before you. 

What we need most

Is your exaltation

What we need most is 

Clear vision of you. 

But I acknowledge that clearer vision of you

Comes often with clearer vision of myself.

I see my doubts

I see my fears

I see my rush

I see my hurry

I see my joy

I see my love

And in it all I see you. 

I still my soul today

That I might be quick to remember

And slow to forget

All your benefits (Ps. 103:2)

Be near O God

As I am near to myself

Meet me O God

In those places of greatest need. 

And make me like you

As I give you my heart to hold. 

All I have to give is myself

Thank you that I am all you ask for.